Monday, March 14, 2016

End the Violence at Political Rallies!

It is clear to me that the Democrat establishment doesn't like Bernie Sanders. It is also clear to me that the GOP establishment doesn't like Trump.  I believe it is because these two candidates have two things in common: One, they both reject Lobbyist money and two, they both are saying "NO!" to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. So call Trump a racist and Sanders a weak socialist all you want. That's the narrative Washington DC and the media wants you to believe.
You see, there's another anti-lobbyist candidate that drew support from both Republicans and Democrats during the last election. His name was Ron Paul.He won the 2nd place in the Iowa Caucus and all media reports literally didn't even mention his name, instead, they talked about the 1st and 3rd placeholders. Ballot boxes in pro-Ron Paul districts mysteriously disappeared and were unaccounted for.He was portrayed as weak and out of touch, much like Sanders. Truth is, anyone who stands up to the lobbyists gets smeared and their supporters are shamed in order to discredit the candidate.
I've had enough of these attacks against Bernie and Trump supporters, even when the attacks are against each other. Don't intrude or protest either candidate's rallies. Sanders needs to tell his people to stay away and Trump needs to stop suggesting his followers will show up at Bernie events.You don't like either of these candidate's messages, fine. Stay outside on the street and protest. These candidates pay money to book buildings and places to host events for their supporters to gather. They have a right to reject or refuse anyone who tries to enter under dishonest reasons. These are events that are open to the public but are NOT PUBLIC EVENTS, so the right to protest inside is actually TRESPASSING if you are asked to leave and refuse to leave.People have the right to gather and listen to their candidate speak without fear of disruption or possible violence.
It's not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders working up the violence. It's the media. They intentionally and falsely associated Trump with the KKK who had disavowed David Duke 4 times prior to the "earpiece malfunction" over the last year (one at a conference 2 days before). That's when protesters started showing up with tomatoes and Trump stance didn't let them throw tomatoes. Then the punches started. Then the civil disobedience. So where will it escalate from here?
It's UN-AMERICAN and it needs to STOP!
(and for those people who are insisting upon violence and openly admit that they hate this country, simply ignore them. Ostracize them and do not give the attention seekers any recognition like the MEDIA has chosen to do.)


Trump disavowals David Duke two days before infamous "earpiece malfunction" interview where he was accused of not disavowing Duke fast enough:

FEBRUARY 26, 2016:

February 28, 2016:

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