Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Why did I start Tighty Whitey Press?

There is a lot of anger in the US today and our citizens are divided by many causes and movements. Any attempts to have a reasonable and honest discussion about the facts is not heard due to everyone shouting accusations at one another.  Attacks on politicians are intentionally directed at their followers as a way to discredit the competition.

My intention with this website is to find some of the statements being made and discover how factual these statements are without attempting to frame them in any political context.  I want to be objective as I can be as a human being and I do not want to tell people what to believe.  It is my desire to present the facts and then allow the reader to decide.

I also want to offer some suggestions on what I think is going on.  I am an independent voter, but in the effort of full disclosure, I want my readers to know that I am currently considering two candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, as my top choices for President.  I have chosen these two candidates for two reasons:  One, both are fighting against the establishment's lobbying machine and two, they are both against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which I feel are the two greatest threats to our national sovereignty and our personal freedom.

At the same time, I am not beholden to either of these choices because as I continue to research these candidates for my own purposes, I am open-minded to accepting hard evidence that objectively redefines any candidate.  If I see the hard evidence against either Donald or Bernie, there is absolutely no question in my mind that I would willingly change my mind.

The first few articles that will be presented here will be about Donald Trump.  I was asked by a friend to examine 8 statements made that appeared to show Donald Trump as a racist and misogynist. I have already posted my first fact-finding endeavor from this initial request.

You can find that article here:  http://www.tightywhiteypress.com/2016/03/fact-checking-trump-misogyny-quote-1.html

I hope to at least publish one fact-finding article per day, so please be patient.  I am a married father of four children.  We homeschool our kids, I run a full-time business and I'm also a self-published fantasy writer.  I feel it is very important to get this information to the public so we can turn down the volume on the anger that is intentionally being stirred up within us by our politicians and our news media.  There is a tremendous amount of lies, misinformation and spin putting many of these claims intentional out of context in order to perpetrate a false narrative intended to manipulate and deceive the public.

If I post any fact-finding claim and there is an important piece of information or something is incorrect, please comment on the article with the correct information and I will be happy to update the article.  I am not perfect, I am simply one guy with a computer and too much free time on my hands (not really, I should be writing my novels).


P.S.  My grammar may not always be the best, but I will do my utmost to examine any article I post for errors.  Like I said, I'm a writer, not an editor.


  1. My 10 year old (who is currently reading your book) got a real kick out of the "Tighty Whitey Press." Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. It was literally the first idea that popped into my head when my friend suggested I do this. I'm thinking of this project as my "therapy" to ween myself off my social media political rants, lol.