Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Little Truth about Free College for Everyone

What happens when a moron gets a college degree?

You end up with a moron with a college degree. It isn't gonna make him smarter. He will have the same level of intelligence he had when he started school. Sure, he will know some things, but he wouldn't have a clue how to apply what he has learned.

In fact, I'd argue that you are making him dangerous. He believes that because "this piece of paper says I can", he will truly believe he knows exactly what he's doing that no matter how badly he screws up. And when things don't work out the way he expects, he'll blame the system for his fundamental inability to apply what he has learned.

Don't kid yourselves either. We've all worked with these people and have asked ourselves, "Geez, how does this idiot make it out of bed in the morning?"

A person's IQ matters... If we keep lowering the standards to meet the passing grade, society won't be able to function. Some people are meant to be doctors, others are meant to work with their hands (not on people).

Just imagine this conversation and ask yourself does everyone need to have a college degree:
"Look at him, he loves people so much. Little Jimmy is gonna be a doctor someday."
"Uh, ma'am, Little Jimmy is eating the dish soap tablets with bleach in them."
"Bless his heart. He's only 12 years old. Maybe he'll grow out of it."
I understand that this is a hard truth to accept and so we should use reason instead of wasting resources.  Not only that but if everyone is walking around with a 4-year college degree, then how do you decide who is best suited for the job?  You'd have to start using a person's experience as the primary attribute or only focus on graduates from the most prestigious schools.

Take a look at the Top College Degrees for 2016.  http://college.usatoday.com/2014/10/26/same-as-it-ever-was-top-10-most-popular-college-majors/

Ask yourself which ones of these are guaranteed to become a high-earning opportunity if from any school that isn't ivory league?  Yeah.  You see what I'm saying.  There are already too many business management degree holders working as managers in fast food joints and we want to add more to our workforce?

Ever hear of a thing called Supply and Demand?  That's what is used to measure the worth of someone's skills based on training, aptitude, and experience.  Not a piece of paper.

What we need are people with a work ethic and initiative who are self-starters.  We need entrepreneurs to create jobs and we need skilled labor not only in vocational fields of labor but technical skills as well.

So let's stop pretending everyone needs to run off to college and join a fraternity or sorority to become cultured.  Some people are simply not capable of understanding anything beyond their own limited understanding.  Don't reward them with meaningless trophies.  Let's recruit our brightest and work with them to give them the resources they need to innovate and move our society forward with scientific and technological advances.  Let's focus on quality, not quantity.


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