Sunday, August 7, 2016

The American Slave Plantation Is Alive and Well

Make no mistake about it:  The American Slave Plantation is alive and well in the United States of America.  This doesn't just affect minorities, it affects everyone of every nationality, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Social programs are designed to force the poor into servitude by voting for political candidates that will keep their benefits intact.  The poor are given just enough to survive, but they are not given enough to pull themselves out of poverty.

If someone getting housing assistance, food stamps, medical care or welfare decides they want to find a better paying job to improve their situation, they have to risk losing all of their government subsidies.  They are not given enough to save up to make the transition without the benefits.

Most are given a very basic education in the public school system.  Just enough to maybe work as a cashier, waiter/waitress, or some other service-related occupation.  Those who manage to push beyond a high school diploma are typically steered toward social justice degrees like Women Studies or Black Studies, which are degrees that will typically earn them a salary below the poverty line instead of high paying degrees like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer and Math diplomas).

Students rack up anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 in college loan debt that they will spend the rest of their lives repaying.

Those with the entrepreneur spirit run into similar challenges.  They want to start their own businesses, but it has become considerably more challenging to start-up a new business without the right amount of capital.  Boot-strap startups are a thing of the past due to cumbersome regulations, draconian insurance requirements and a complex tax code that gets even more complicated each year.  Competition is discouraged through heavy regulation that only benefits those who have lobbied Congress to discourage those who could challenge existing business models.  Hell, a child cannot even run a lemonade stand in this day and age.

As our national debt keeps rising to the tune of $19 Trillion dollars, we have sacrificed the future of the unborn Americans that will come into the future.  They will have to work and pay an incredible amount of taxes to pay for the peanut handouts our corrupt politicians are giving citizens today.

So ask yourself.  Do the bare minimum monthly benefits our poorest people in this country receive really helping them or giving them reasons to simply give up and keep voting for a system that truly cares nothing for them?

It's time to empower the individuals who want to make better lives for themselves.  It's time to provide them equal opportunities of success, not barriers that will trap them in poverty.  It is time to wake up and encourage those with the willpower to make a change to venture out into this business world and make an impact by innovating technology and creating jobs.  It's time we stop sending our manufacturing jobs overseas so that corporate fatcats can avoid the strangling regulations that American manufacturers can barely overcome.  We need to end disastrous trade deals.  We need to stop flooding the workforce with cheap illegal labor that steals decent paying jobs away from Americans that are encouraged to sit at home or live in their mom's basements and play video games all day long.

It's time that we revive the American Dream.  It's time to Make America Great Again!