Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Free Speech goes PRO on Gab.ai Social Media Website

Gab.ai launches Gab Pro service.
Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably heard of Gab.ai, the hottest new social media website on the web.

Gab.ai shook up Silicon Valley when the free speech social media platform launched on August 15, 2016. In its basic features, the site including self-censoring options to allow the users to control the content they wanted to engage instead of depending on the company to police the content for them.  Sites like Twitter scrambled to copy cat Gab's unique features.

By December 1, 2016, Andrew Torba, co-founder and CEO of Gab announced that the company had reached the coveted threshold of 100,000 users in 108 days, without apps that were still under development no less. That breaks down to an average of 925 new sign-ups a day and they also surpassed more than 2.2 million gabs (or posts).

Within days of Gab blowing past its 7-month birthday, the upstart shows no signs of slowing down with the launching of its new paid service, Gab Pro.  Unlike other venture capitalist ventures, the Gab.ai team has chosen to break the mold on how new companies operate.  Torba has maintained that he wanted his team to retain creative control over its social media platform. He did not want to be beholden to shareholders or risk caving to pressure from advertisers like Breitbart has contended with in recent months.

At users requests to assist Torba and his team with their mission to build a social media website that protects free speech, they launched a Gab Donor program back in September 2016 that has funded the company as it developed its platform.  Users dug deep in their pockets and have handed the company $107,484.42 as of the last transparency report published by Torba back in February.

Back in November 2017, the Gab Donor program had hit its peak with an amazing one-month fundraising total of $24,658 from 926 users.  Unfortunately, the donation numbers declined by half over the following months to just $12,552 from 523 users in February 2017 despite growing their user base by another 50,000 plus users with another 250,000 on a waiting list to join the site.

As always, Torba and his team innovated creative ways to overcome the fundraising issues by efficiently launching a paid version of their service for just $5.99 per month.  Basic unit accounts will remain free, but the Gab Pro subscription comes with added perks for users who want to support the site.

Those new subscription features include:
  • Instant Access to Photo Sharing
  • Custom User Lists
  • Category Insights on User Profile pages to see what types of content they are interested in.
  • Optional account Verification of the user's identity
  • And my personal favorite - Saved Posts which allows users to bookmark and sort posts they want to track.
When I asked Torba how has the user based responded to Gab Pro, he responded that there were over 400 users that adopted the enhanced subscription service in the first 18 hours.

With Gab heavily engaged user community, Torba and his team have just found their sea legs and they're ready to take on the Silicon Valley establishment head on.

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